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Was tun wenn ein Gewinde ausgerissen wurde: HELICOIL Gewindereparatur

(Aus dem BMW-FORUM von Dave)

Dave: I have to replace the grease nipple with a 6.0 x 1.0 after putting a thread insert in the hole. As the bike lived in Australia, one of the original 6.0 x 0.7 threaded nipples must have been lost and a 1/4" nipple was butchered in the hole.
I wanted to put the original 6.0 x 0.7's in the hole (found two supplier in Germany) but I cant find a thread repair kit for that size thread.

Odeon8: Hi Dave, probably the grease nipple has M6x0,75. BUT: There is an alternative to the existing M6x1 thread.
Look at They are selling special nipples with M6x1:
Part number item price
S000 72284 Schmiernippel 6mm Normalgewinde € 1,66 €
For changing the thread back look this eBay offer. Haraldseifert is shipping worldwide.
I would not try to change back to M6x0,75 because of the risk damaging the thread completely...

Greetings from Bavaria

Dave: Thanks Thomas, I bought a few nipples as you described from Uli's in my last order, seen here with the original BMW 6.0 x 0.75 nipple.

When the 1/4" nipple was screwed in it destroyed the thread in the housing so I have to repair it using this kit:

Grease nipple thread repair using the kit mentioned above:

1. Clearance drill.

2. Tap thread.

3. Insert new thread.

4. Finished thread, 6.0x1.0mm.